US Securities

HCD's shares are available either through the purchase of its ordinary shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) or as American Depositary Receipts, referred to individually as American Depository Shares (ADSs), on OTC in the United States. Some of the features of ADSs are:

  • ADSs create a familiar investing environment for shareholders because they trade like US securities.
  • ADSs are traded and quoted in US dollars, and are cleared and transferred in the same manner as US stocks.
  • HCD’s ADSs trade under the ticker code POGLY on the OTC Pink market with 1 ADS equal to 300 ordinary shares in HCD traded on the ASX.

About ADRs & OTCQX Exchange

A United States dollar denominated equity share of HCD available for purchase through the OTCQX, an American stock exchange. American Depositary Shares (ADSs) are issued by depository banks in the United States under agreement with the issuing foreign company; the entire issuance is called an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) and the individual shares are referred to as ADSs.

Bank of new york

The Bank of New York Mellon serves as HCD's Depositary Bank that is responsible for the issuance and cancellation of ADSs. They manage the ADS holders and provide a myriad of services and tools to support the issuers, investors and brokers.

If you are an ADS holder and need direct attention by the Bank of New York Mellon, please contact Violet Pagan from the ADR Division by phone on +1212 815 2276 or fax on +1212 571 3050 or through email at

Feature: Turner Bayou Project

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